Call for abstracts

Abstract structure

  • Title of abstract, presenter/presenters, affiliation/site, e-mail.
  • Proposed structure of text:  Background, Methods, Results (if applicable), Discussion, Conclusion/ “Take home message”
  • 250 – 300 words 
  • Preference of presentation (oral or poster). Printed posters should be 90 x 120 cm.

Topics & Keywords

A) COVID-19 epidemiology
Statistical methods – Epidemiology and surveillance – Prediction models – Long Covid – Comorbidities – Pregnancy

B) Non-communicable disease epidemiology
Diabetes – Cancer – Coronary heart disease – Cardiovascular disease – Stroke

C) Genetics and epidemiology
Mediation – Mendelian randomization

D) Trauma and psychiatric epidemiology
Life stressors and trauma – Psychiatric disorders and somatic diseases – Genetic studies – Women’s psychiatric health – Children´s mental health

E) Pharmaceutical epidemiology
Medication utilisation – Safety and effectiveness – Policy and methods

F) Reproductive and perinatal epidemiology
Fertility – Pregnancy – Delivery – Postpartum

Prolonged deadline for submission is May 16th. Notification of acceptance is now May 16 – 25th.